Al Smith (Dem)
 for Grays Harbor County Commissioner, District 1


An open letter from Al Smith:

       I have been asked the question, why I am running for the Grays Harbor County Commissioner position.  The best response I have is, this is my home and will always be.  As a concerned activist and volunteer most of my adult years I’ve learned it is best to come to the table of discussion with solutions, rather than gripes.
     My entrepreneurial nature and small business experience will be a strong influence in working to bring new business and good wage jobs to our county.  If successful in being elected as your next commissioner this task will be the primary objective during my tenure.
     I will continue my past efforts for voicing and protecting our beautiful county against businesses that can destroy the environment. I will support our marine resource and fishery jobs in any way allowed by the commissioner’s position. They alone occupy 31% of our current work force in Grays Harbor County and provide over 140 million dollars of raw resource revenue to our economy.
     I will work on a daily basis to promote a postive working environment between staff, taxpayers, elected officials and community leaders.
     My desire to promote team work in resolving issues that come before the board of commissioners is of the highest importance to the success of our effort.
     I will bring a well-rounded level of business experience to the commissioner’s office with a strong appreciation for a team spirit protocol.
     In closing, my message to the voters is that we as a county have many issues and challenges that face all of us.  As a candidate requesting your vote, I endorse the county commissioners efforts to address the budget shortfall. I will do my utmost to reduce the budget shortage. My position is that it is our responsibility as a community to focus on the challenges of today and our future.
     By gaining your trust and faith in me as your next commissioner, it is my wish to serve you the taxpayer of this county.

      I would appreciate your vote in the August Primary.
    5 years Wishkah school board director
    Currently Vice Chair G.H. County Marine Resource Committee
    Owner of North West Alternative Energy, LLC - 21 years.
    G.H. College, trade schools, solar hydronics and waste oil       heater repair and installation
                       Viet Nam Veteran 1963 – 1966
  40 years EMT/Fireman G.H. C. District 10
  Currently involved with Wishkah Road Flood Mitigation Project
Active in community issues:
    Concerned about public safety, crude-by-rail and maintaining
        viable hospital services.
I am a lifelong Harbor resident, and Vietnam Veteran.  During my 23 years at the Hoquiam Pulp and Paper mill I also served as a union officer for  Local 169, AWPPW. I am currently a retired 40 year volunteer firefighter/EMT, and during that time also served 5 years on the Wishkah Valley School Board. I also served a year on the Harbor Credit Union Board of Directors. For the last 25 years I have been an owner/operator of a small business in the alternative energy industry. I am currently serving as Vice Chairman of the Grays Harbor County Marine Resource Committee, and active in community issues.
I look forward to working for the taxpayers of District 1. My goals are to protect local jobs, industries and natural resources; to help create a collaborative effort to bring new industries to our unique port area; and to work with citizens and county employees to provide needed services with scarce tax dollars.

Al Smith   

Al Smith's Planks
for District #1 Candidacy
  • To bring stronger representation of District 1 to the County Commission.
  • To be pro-active in efforts to bring new jobs and industry to the Harbor and support the Greater Grays Harbor Council.
  • To encourage fiscal restraint and accountability to keep property taxes low.
  • To develop strategies that maximize local services while keeping operating costs low. This would include:
    • cooperative agreements
    • structuring and pursuing a continuance towards a long-term strategic plan
    • pursue a county wide citizen-led Strategic Planning process.
  • To coordinate with and work with our emergency services departments (police, fire and EMS personnel) to develop and promote best response preparedness to emergency situations.
  • To provide a strong voice for our local fishing, maritime and tourism industries and defend them against risky projects such as Crude-Oil-by-Rail. To develop strategies to defend against threats such as ocean acidification at the local level.
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Posted January 1, 2016
Al Smith will run for county commissioner